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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are an IT System Integrator company that believes in the power of data to transform every aspect of a business.

We can provide Data Infrastructure, Data Integration, Big Data Management, Advance Data Analytics & Machine Learning, Data Visualization and Data Governance to help our customer to get business insight in order to improve operational efficiency, increase productivity and make beneficially agile decisions

Our Vision is to be your trusted data driven technology advisor and implementation partner.

Our Mission is to help organization’s transformation journey to be a data driven organization.

We will guide you with our expertise and state-of-the-art technology. We will support your organization to get a clear data strategy and uncover the value of your data that result in increased profits, improved productivity, cost savings or risk avoidance, and new revenue streams.
With our core values and experienced experts from various industries, we are certain that we are able to drive the future of your businesses.

Core Value

Fast Response
Service Excellence

Our Competencies

Data Infrastructure

We provide Purchase, Installation, Configuration and Monitoring process to our customer that want to build the needed infrastructure for Data Integration, Big Data Management, Advance Data Analytics & Machine Learning and Data Visualization. We can also provide the Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance on the deployed infrastructure.

Data Integration

Our Data Integration service from ETL/ELT and Change Data Capture deployment, External Data Acquisition (Web, Social Media and other Digital sources), and Application Integration (Micro Services migration, API Service integration)

Big Data Management

We can help our customer handle the Big Data Management process in their internal, like Big Data Platform deployment, transitioning from Batch process to Realtime process and building an Interactive Query for the realtime data analysis.

Advance Data Analytics & Machine Learning

We provide Consultancy service for building Analytics roadmap and business cases to our customer. We can also help our customer build the analytics model, from supervised model to unsupervised model, up to building a Machine Learning model for their specific use case. We can also provide insights from the analytics results that can be utilize in action.

Visual Analytics

We can help our customer build Visual Analytics based on the insights they received from the analytics process they do, so that the information can be received within the context. We can also help our customer to employ Self-Service Data Preparation and Analytics to accelerate the business process to be more agile and productive.

Data Governance

We provide Consultancy and Deployment services related to end-to-end Data Governance implementation which cover Data Profiling, Data Quality, Master Data Management and Meta Data Management

What We Have Done

Industry Track Record
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